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Tower Products Is The Market Leader In Pressroom Chemistry

Tower Products, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of environmentally sensitive pressroom chemistry based in Easton, PA.  In 1986, Tower introduced the first full line of roller and blanket washes free of all carcinogenic and reproductive toxic materials, and without being flammable. The company also holds a US Patent on its low emissions ink-cleaning technology sold under the trade name LO-VO WASH. Within a few years, Tower has become the fastest growing manufacturer of pressroom chemistry in the U.S.A. Tower products are now manufactured across the United States and Canada, as well as our main facility in Easton, PA. These locations service our North American customer base.

Tower manufactures a full range of pressroom chemical products that perform without sacrificing worker safety and improve environmental compliance. The company maintains more than 25 OEM product approvals for automatic wash equipment, cleaning technologies. Tower provides a toll-free 800 hotline to our customers for technical questions: 800-527-8626. The web site,, contains the latest information on our products including Safety Data Sheets on a 24/7/365 basis.

Tower products are truly: Excellence in Pressroom Chemistry!

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