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Label AutoMounter

Cylinder and Sleeve or Sleeve Dedicated

The configuration of the AutoMounter takes a radical and innovative approach to the conventional with the cylinder mounted above the cameras and printing plate manipulators. This provides the operator with unparalleled access to the cylinder to complete all preparatory and post mounting operations whilst maintaining a modest machine footprint.

  • Maximum cylinder width 700 mm / 27.5”

  • Repeat range up to 610 mm / 24”

  • Two 50x magnification motorised cameras connected to precision grade ball screws which are directly coupled to positional controlled electric drives to provide highly accurate mounting

  • One button operation to position and mount each plate

  • Easy to use multilingual graphic interface. Can be used both in manual and auto-positioning modes

  • Set up is straightforward either by co-ordinate import, manual programming or by teaching

  • The user friendly Vision System allows ease of operation with the ability to store and recall over 10,000 jobs

  • Multiple options available

Label AutoMounter

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Label AutoMounter

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