Plate Mounting

RCS- Round Corrugated

A comprehensive range of machines for handling plate mounting for Post print corrugated applications for use in either a flexo plate making house supplying corrugated customers or in the pre-press section of a corrugated printing plate.

  • The machines are designed for simple, accurate and efficient mounting using cameras and register marks on the plates.

  • Machines are available for both types of mounting - flat or 'in the round'. Three of the machines have motor driven camera positioning systems with motion control on both axes and the fourth is a reduced specification machine with manually positioned cameras and motorized positioning for the y axis.

  • The three machines with full motion control ('in the round' mounter proofer, Flat Table with Proofing and Flat Table 2CS) can be set up manually via the operator interface or to accept coordinate download files from pre-press software systems supplied by Esko and by Kodak. Coordinate information is stored for each job and can be recalled if there is a need to remount the job or repair an existing job. The more manual machine (Flat Table 2CE) does not have data storage capability and each job is set up manually via a written coordinate 'lay sheet'.

  • The machines are equipped with an enhanced digital vision system offering a range of target formats, digital image enlargement (optical magnification is 50x) video image recording and other features.

  • The two models with proofing systems are gearless and both use electronic systems to control register and servo motors to drive the drums for proofing. We recommend the use of water based acrylic inks and high quality coated proofing paper to prepare an accurate proof. The servo drive systems enable the print length to be adjusted if required although the quality will diminish as a result. Proofing inks are applied using a rubber hand roller. If box layouts are required they can be plotted elsewhere beforehand on the proofing paper and mounted on the proofing drum.

  • The machines are constructed using top quality components - Siemens PLC, Bosch Rexroth drives, Festo pneumatics. The three motion control models are fitted with digital Ethernet modems for remote management and update when required.