Plate Mounting


A market leading plate mounter has to meet several objectives – high level of repeatable accuracy; reliability; ease of use and speed. Strength of construction, accuracy of machining and design/component selection feature heavily in achieving the first two objectives.

  • Ease of use and speed are achieved through intelligent design of the machine layout and control system. The 2CS Cobra from JM Heaford ltd meets all of these objectives without compromise.

  • The machine in standard format has twin moving cameras powered by linear motors and an ultra -precise measuring system with repeatable accuracy of + / - 1 micron. The cameras are fixed focus units and move on a servo motor driven support beam for fully automatic camera beam positioning.

  • The sleeve mandrel is fixed rigidly in the high strength deflection resistant frame and supported at the opening end by a powered raise/lower headstock to give access to the mandrel for sleeve changeover. Different mandrel adaptors are available as are couplings to supply air to those step-up adaptors which have side wall air feeds.

  • The mounter features two auto positioning 100x magnification color digital camera assemblies. The cameras are moved to positions pre-recorded in the mounter database by linear motors with positional feedback provided by linear encoders attached to each camera assembly. The mounter uses a 27” touch screen displaying both camera images on a single screen. 

  • A combination of (optional) rear plate support table and pneumatically actuated pressure roller allow the operator to attach the plate to the sticky back without having to apply the contact pressure by hand. Mandrel rotation is via foot pedal and a second foot pedal controls the rear table.

  • For customers who apply sticky back to sleeves circumferentially and who use the mounter for this we can offer two types of application holder for the tape roll – one with an integral pressure roller and one without. Both these applicators can also be supplied on a standalone sleeve dedicated tape and plate work station to increase the work flow through the mounter.

  • Our highly successful plate cutter is also available as an option on this machine.